Anatomy of My Nightstand Reading Pile (post-grad)

I finished my Master’s Degree at the end of 2011 and therefore am pretty excited about the stack of non-academic reading that is piling up next to my bed in 2012!  Here’s a quick dissection of the picture above (from the bottom):

Journal- This is a really beautiful one; filled with really nice cottony, fiber-y paper that feels old-fashioned and hand-made.  I should really move it from the bottom of the stack to somewhere more inspiring.  Maybe get a more awesome pen too.

Elizabeth Berg’s, Dream When You are Feeling Blue – My grandmother Mary (see Dec. 23 post) was an avid reader.  This was one of the last books she read before she passed away.  Honestly, I haven’t gotten to it because I think it may make me feel . . .well, blue.

Anne Lamott’s, Bird by Bird- I am slowly making my way through this.  Not because it is a difficult read, but because I feel the need to drink in every word.

Max Lucado’s, Christmas Stories – A gift from my parents, who give me some type of Christmas story every year (sometimes for children, sometimes for adults).  Love this tradition!

Whole Living magazine (November Issue) – Ahh, yes.  Magazines.  I want to be good at magazines, I do.  But they have a way of piling up.  Especially ones with nice, meaty articles like this one.  I bought in the airport in November.  Still haven’t finished.  The January issue is floating around the house somewhere.  I am considering subscribing, but don’t know if I can keep up.

Josie Brown’s – Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives – Research reading.  I am currently revising a manuscript that I’ll be submitting to agents in 2012.  This is one of a list of novels I am reading as possible “shelf-mate” to mine (for use in query letters).

Meg Cabot’s – How to be Popular – This was a graduation gift from a friend who has always been supportive and enthusiastic about my love of writing.  Meg Cabot is a favorite of mine and this is a signed first edition. It’s also a reminder to get back to the writing post-graduation.  Which makes it also, a perfect gift.

Very excited about diving head first into this pile in 2012!  And speaking of reading, I’ve also throughly been enjoying reading this blog which includes a Tuesday feature about nightstands even cooler than mine.

Happy reading!

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