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This wasn’t my best week.  We all have them, the ones where we feel like we aren’t quite bringing our “a-game.”  The ones that leave us mostly exhausted.  I’m lucky that these are few and far between for me.  There was certainly a time in my life where they were more the norm than the exception, and I realize that this remains true for a number of people.  Gratefully today, with some sleep-inspired reflection, I am able to focus on the glimmers of amazing-ness, rather than the rest of it.

Amazing thing number one: James River Writers – Writer’s Wednesday event.  I have attended several of their conferences over the past five years.  This year I finally joined the group and Wednesday I attended my first event.  How good for the soul to spend two plus hours talking to other writers about writing.  So. Very. Cool.

Amazing thing number two: this blog post from local writer Patience Salgado about the inspiring cross-country journey that these two people took, stopping in Bear County in five different states and relying on the kindness of strangers.  You know those stories that stick with you, this is one of them.  So. Inspiring.

Amazing thing number three: tapping of the Spiced Winter Ale – in my house!  My husband is a home brewer and yesterday his latest creation was ready for sampling.  For those of you who don’t live with a brewer, there is typically a least a month of waiting from brewing to drinking.  In my house, this is the adult version of the time leading up to Christmas (with a dash of nervousness that the “present” has turned out well).   This one turned out very well, perfectly balanced with a nice spicy aftertaste.  So. Delicious.

And while I’m talking brewing: amazing thing three and a half:  women brewers! Love this.

Now what was that I was saying about a bad week . . .  I must have been mistaken.  I think it’s time to lift a glass of Spiced Winter Ale to all the good stuff!


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