The Surefire Way to Overcome Fear


Take a risk . . . be okay.  Twice in my life I have moved to a new city with a lease on an apartment and no job.  That’s right, twice.  The first time was right out of college and the second was three years later.  Both times I had some money saved.  Both times I took jobs I didn’t love until I found better ones.  The second time, that better job was a long time coming.  If I had studied the economic trends of 1999 versus 2002 or taken a harder look at the job market in Richmond, VA compared to the suburbs of Washington, DC I might not have done it.

I also might never have learned that I can land on my feet.  Or figured out how to block out the noise around me and just have faith.

There have been other risks in my life.  Some bigger, some smaller.  Each one, regardless of the outcome leaves an indelible mark.  The irreversible knowledge that I can.  And I will be okay.

I would love to hear from you.  Tell me about your riskiest move and how it turned out in the comments below.

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