What Your Nightstand Says About You

So I’m mostly a minimalist.  My decor preferences trend towards the modern and I have a thing for pop art, sleek lines and all things clutter-free.  This is true of my home, my office, and my home office (i.e. the couch).  The only place it doesn’t ring true:  my nightstand.

No, seriously.  In a house free of clutter, my nightstand just . . . well . . . isn’t.

MC nightstand

Recently I stopped to ponder the stacks of books/journals on my nightstand.  What do they mean? (Full disclosure, I have degrees in Psychology and Counseling, thinking about things like this amuses me in a way that may or may not be normal.)  Anyway, here’s what I determined our night stands say about us.

If you have piles of books (like me) you are a lover of words.  You like to slowly sip your books and drink in every bit of goodness.  One at a time is not enough.  There is a book for every mood.

If you have one book.  You are focused.  You know exactly what you want and you go after it.  Start to finish. You also have a good memory about what you’d like to read next. (Or a list on your iPhone).

If you have no books.  You don’t like to read in bed. You are well-rested.

If you have a journal you are reflective and insightful.  Also, disciplined.

If you have random scraps of paper with half-legible notes jotted down in dark, you are a writer.

If you have an iPhone, etc. you either: a. read books on it;  b. work way too much; or c. don’t have another type of alarm clock. (I genuinely hope it’s a. or c.)

If there’s a phone that isn’t a cell phone on your nightstand, you’re probably in a hotel.  Hopefully on vacation.

One of those little book lights, you stay up later than the person you share a bed with.

A glass of water, you’re super healthy (or had a salty dinner).

Pictures of friends, family or friends like family, you’re loved.  Never alone.  Grateful.

What does your nightstand look like?  Tell me in the comments below.  And if you know someone with a crazy, piled up, awesome nightstand (or a super beautiful clean one), please pass this along!

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