The Journey to What Was Always There

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In the fall semester of my senior year in college I was sitting in the office for the peer education group that I was a member of.  I was making phone calls about an upcoming retreat and adding items to an already lengthy to do list for the day.  I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility that came with the leadership role I had taken on.  In that moment, balancing this with my academics felt impossible.  It was the same moment that I had the fleeting thought, If I was planning this activity because it was my job, I think I might actually like it.

Eight years later I applied to graduate school to earn the credentials that would allow me to work in an office on a college campus, educating students.

So why eight years?  If I knew that afternoon.

It wasn’t time.

I didn’t even remember that specific moment until I started graduate school.  That thought about I think I would like this, was fleeting.   It got hidden under all the other plans I had.  Plans to not engage in formal education any longer.  To take a break from the last 16 years.  To travel a bit.  To get an apartment.

Hidden, not lost.  It was always there, just waiting to be heard when the time was right.

My latest writing project is a novella in which the main character deals with these very concepts: rules and timing and the journey to what we always knew to begin with.  I can’t wait to share more details about it here as they develop!

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2 thoughts on “The Journey to What Was Always There”

  1. I understand these feelings very well, actually. I fully believe this is how I ended up writing. The feeling was always there, but I was too busy chasing what I wanted in that moment. I love the fortune cookie photograph; that’s truly a beautiful quote.

    1. marychrisescobar

      Yes! I could have written the same thing about writing, too. I always knew I wanted to do something creative but I drifted around through lots of things before I settled into writing. I had really been “writing” stories in my head since I was little. Thanks for reading!

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