A Love Letter to Social Media


Dear Social Media-

I haven’t always loved you.  I really wasn’t sure about you for quite some time, to be completely honest.  You can be intrusive, confusing and so very negative.  Also demanding.

How did I get past all that and fall in love, you ask?  Simple.  You connect me.

You show me pictures of far-away friends’ new babies and daily lives.  You give me updates from former co-workers that make me laugh just as much as they did when we saw each other nearly everyday. You allow me to maintain a virtual writers group that has encouraged me in ways I didn’t even know I needed encouraging (and all the ones I did.)  You provide resources and references at my fingertips.  And the celebrations, ah the celebrations.  Social Media, you really are great at throwing a party for everything from birthdays to anniversaries to weddings and graduations to the publication of new books.

All that other stuff I was talking about, the being intrusive and confusing and negative and demanding; here’s the truth I’ve learned about that: it’s not you, it’s me.  I can choose how far into my life I let you.  I can ask for help about the best way to interact with you, including how to shut out the negativity.  Most importantly, I control the demand you have on me.

So don’t be surprised if I need to take a little break every now and then, Social Media, but never fear that I am gone forever. I can’t, no, more correctly – won’t, quit you.

With love,



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