A Love Letter to Myself


Dear Me,

Sorry to be a bit belated with my Valentine, but I couldn’t let the season pass without showing you a little love.  I’m proud of you for all your accomplishments this year.  A book published!  A novella written!  A personal best in an 8K! Leading a discussion at a writer’s conference! Sliding down giant rocks in Asheville (and I know you think that last one was less than graceful – but still, you slid down a waterfall, what?!)

I know that you want more: more people to read your stories, more time to take trips.  I know that sometimes you feel overwhelmed.  I also know that you are only limited by yourself and so I implore you to stay positive, stay grateful and keep moving forward.  You’ve got this.

I also want to remind you to ask for things.  Tell people you write, ask them to buy your books and review them.  I know this doesn’t come naturally to you.  Neither did running.  Remember how you used to think your lungs were going to explode when you ran a mile?  Now you run three without blinking.  Remember how much work training for that first 10K was.   This is going to take just as much.  Probably more.  You also love it a lot more.

I believe in you.  When you’re down, when you’re up and when you’re somewhere in between.  Sometimes I’m a little voice and sometimes I roar — all you ever have to do is listen.

All my love,

Mary Chris

 What would your love letter to yourself say?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

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