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A couple of months ago a friend of mine mentioned that she would like to host a book club style gathering for my book. (I phrase it that way, because it wasn’t part of a book club that met regularly, but just a one night party for a book).  Over the last couple months a plan was hatched for just such an evening and last Thursday I sat down with five amazing women to talk about my book.

We talked about everything from my process and inspiration to who would play the main characters if there were to be a movie version of my book.  They were generous with their praise and thoughtful with their insights.

Conversation veered from my novel at times, as it does (and should!), at any good book gathering.  I learned a bit about these lovely women who took time out of their busy lives to read my story.  I heard about their work, their families, their travels and I left the evening nourished above and beyond the delicious parmesan dusted pigs in a blanket. (Yes, you read that correctly). I was reminded how important it is to take time out.  To step away from the 5,000 things we are doing all at once and sit and talk and laugh and just . . . be.

So a huge thank you to Amy for hosting and to Alison, Sabrina, Laura and Bethany for attending– I might have been the guest of honor, but you were just what I needed.

Need a girl’s* night in?  I would be honored to attend your book club (or awesome one-time book event).  I even bring wine!**  Click on the Contact tab above to get in touch about the details!   

*Or guys, guys are welcome too!     **I am also more than happy to join your group via Skype/Google Chat (or the like) – unfortunately it makes bringing the wine difficult.

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