Pretty Food in Unexpected Places

tuna and radish

I have a thing for beautifully photographed food.  You know, sites like this one.  Or this one.  Seriously, I have had to segregate my favorite food feeds into their own special place on Twitter, lest I look up and find that three hours have passed while I’ve been staring slack-jawed at vibrant vegetables and piles of spices and buttery crusts and simmering soups.  I’m not on Pintrest, I don’t have the willpower for it.

The looking is not all in vain.  I enjoy cooking.  Sometimes I  make the pretty food I find on blogs. Sometimes I pull out my copy of Julia’s tome and follow her three page instructions for mashed potatoes (or Pommes Duchesse, rather).  Sometimes I stumble on a Buzzfeed list of 21 Simple One Pot Pastas and 20 minutes later I’m eating tortellini with spinach and sausage.

That’s right, I said Buzzfeed.  None other than your favorite purveyor of lists you didn’t even know you needed to read until you couldn’t resist clicking on that link someone posted on Facebook (you know it’s true).  Not exactly top of my mind when I’m searching for recipes online.  Also not on my go-to list for lovely recipes? The coupon mailer from my grocery store (which to clarify is not a pretty Whole Foods type chain), but that lovely lemon-y tuna, bean and radish salad pictured at the top of this post — yep, you guessed it, coupon mailer.

A good reminder that those amazing things you will delight in often make their way to you unexpectedly. In food and in life.  Keep an eye out for them.

What is the quirkiest place you’ve ever found a recipe?  What are some of your favorite websites for recipes? Let me know in the comments, below. Because I need more reasons to look at pretty food . . . just for a minute, I promise!

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