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First of all, is it donuts or doughnuts?  Grammer Girl says stick with the classic spelling, as opposed to the more franchised spelling, so doughnuts it is.  (Should have guessed.  Case in point, Dunkin’ versus Dunking).

With that all settled, I’ve got a confession to make —I’ve been a little slow to jump on recent trendiness of those little fried circles of dough.  I’ve always leaned towards scones and muffins as my sweet breakfast treats. Yes, I know doughnuts aren’t just for breakfast anymore but they’re just not top of my mind post dinner.  This past weekend, however, I finally gave in to the trend and participated in The Ride of Shame.  The event was a coordinated group bike ride to three gourmet doughnut shops in my city.  They could have just named it “Awesome.”  One maple, One chocolate/coffee (pictured above), one good old-fashioned glazed and 10 miles later I was fully on board.

If that wasn’t enough culinary delight for the weekend, Sunday offered the annual festival that brings some of the best restaurants in the city to my neighborhood with $3 sample plates.  There’s also craft beer and live music.  It’s pretty much perfection.  This year there was even a photo-op with Pimento Cheese.  It’s taken me quite some time to embrace my Southern heritage (seriously, Virginia’s in the middle of the coast, y’all), but that cheesy spread on some Ritz crackers has done it’s part to help me claim it.

Of course these events were made better by the people I shared them with.  The friends I chatted with on the bike ride, as well as the strangers who made up our gang of sweet-seeking riders.  All the familiar neighborhood faces at the festival.

Those doughnuts were fluffy, sweet-iced-perfection and that braised beef sandwich with house-made mustard and pickles was beyond words; but despite its ability to amaze us and leave us speechless, the real power of food is its ability to connect us.

pimento cheese

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