I Can Totally Win This

There’s lot of good news flying around the internet recently (and by the internet, I mean my little corner of the internet, specifically Twitter).  On Tuesday three writer friends released books (three!).  Tomorrow will bring yet another new release, and that’s just this week, another friend launched the first in her new serial last week.  Virtual champagne toasts have been flying around like crazy.  In moments like this it all feels like one big amazing party that I am so incredibly thrilled to have an invitation to.

But let’s be honest, a lot of work goes into that party. So much of that work is the actual labor of putting words to page, creating the product that will be seen by the world.  However some of the work is more internal and involves preparing yourself for that work to be seen.  I’m talking about this in the context of writing, because that’s what I know, but it’s true of anything you pour your soul into.   That business you want to start, that relationship you are just in the beginning of, that house you’re building, or the thesis you’re writing.

Last month a former student of mine won a design contest.  In an article about the experience she talked about her decision to enter the contest and said,

“Quite honestly — and it sounds vain — I saw [the contest] on Facebook and thought, ‘I could totally win this!’”

I’ve thought about this quote quite a bit since reading the article and it came to mind again today as I celebrated the success of my friends.  Her statement isn’t the least bit vain, instead it’s spoken from the place of complete and total confidence.  The confidence that is required to put your work out in the world. To be ready for it’s success.  To look at something large and vast (like a huge national contest or the near infinite number of books in the world) and keep moving forward regardless of the odds you have got to be able to say, not simply I’ve got this, but I’m going to WIN this. Totally.

What you are going to win?  I’d love to hear about it, leave a note in the comments below.

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