Something Old, Something New, Something … Steel

I decided to take a little break from typing this week and try a video post. Click play below to find out what fish and steel have to do with celebrating my wedding anniversary.

Want to make salsa fish now? Here is the link to the post and recipe that I reference in the video. And if you’re curious about those other video chats I mentioned, go here to find out what First Draught is all about (especially if you are a writer).

What did you think of the video post? (Be gentle, it’s my first time.) Bonus points if you can count the number of times I said “um”. Seriously though, I’d love to hear any ideas you have for topics I could cover this way in the future. 

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4 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New, Something … Steel”

  1. You sound great!! Congratulations on the 11 years and the joy of cooking. I’d love to hear how the sounds of your neighborhood influence your writing. Let’s get together soon! K

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