Behind Delayed: Sleepless in Atlanta

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When talking about the inspiration for my books Delayed is always the easiest to explain. The idea came from spending the night in the airport in Atlanta, Georgia on my way home from a writer’s conference. (Did you know those announcements about not leaving your bags unattended play all night?) Anyway, I took a lot of walks up and down the terminal that night, trying to pass the time. Most people were asleep in chairs, but there was this one couple still awake, still talking, totally engrossed in each other. Thus, the idea to build a story around a couple who meets in the airport during an overnight delay was born. The story became more about the changes that this chance meeting caused in the main character’s life, but this was the image that started the whole thing.

The main character in Delayed, Carolyn, is a side character in my debut novel, Neverending Beginnings. If you’ve read Neverending Beginnings, you will enjoy the updates from the main character, Kate, in Delayed. If you haven’t read Neverending Beginnings you will enjoy going back in time to find out what happened before Delayed. See how that works, fun — right?!

Even more fun? Delayed is now FREE at all major online retailers! Click here for links to your favorite store.  When you’re done reading, I’d love to know what you think and would be so appreciative if you would leave a review where you purchased the book, or at Goodreads.

Happy reading!

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