Made of Awesome (With a Side of Pink Tulle)


I popped into a fast food restaurant recently, for a quick snack. It was off-peak meal time and mostly quiet. Just the grandparents with their granddaughter and ice cream cones. The mom with her two teenagers and their cell phones. The staff with their list of tasks to accomplish between lunch and dinner. Me with my chicken nuggets and their tiny container of sauce.

And while those little pieces of fried chicken certainly did their part to satisfy my hunger, they weren’t what I really needed that afternoon. What I really needed came in the form of a pink tutu and purple legging wearing young girl, wearing a shirt that read: I’m made of awesome. Her smile, her confidence and the way she owned that tutu, stayed with me long after the nuggets were gone.

Right around the same time I had a conversation with friends about our tendencies to gloss over accomplishments. Especially the ones that felt small. We celebrate graduations and promotions and new houses; but not the daily victories like mastering that recipe for tomato sauce, getting cilantro to grow or keeping a goldfish alive.

I wonder what would happen if we kept twirling in our pink tutus at 27 and 37 and 107 the way we did at 7? Why shouldn’t chicken nuggets be cause for celebration? (Okay, don’t answer that, there are reasons.) Point being — it’s time to stop waiting for the big win to be proud of ourselves and pause to acknowledge all the tiny ways in which we are all made of awesome. Right now. Today.

What’s your celebration? Share it in the comments below (pink tutus optional).

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