Macaroni & Cheese and Epic Love


I was part of an epic love story this past weekend! (And no, that’s not flower-y writer speak for going to a wedding.) Way back in August Julia Kelly and I received an e-mail from our friend Alexis Anne’s husband. He was planning a super secret weekend getaway for her and wanted it to be a writer’s retreat. Since Alexis lives in Florida and Julia in New York, my hometown of Richmond was perfect place to meet in the middle.

Plane tickets were bought. Train tickets were bought. Schedules were e-mailed around. And then we waited. Two. And. A. Half. Months. A time that was punctuated with occasional texts between Julia and I involving many exclamation points. Most memorably on the day that Alexis sent us an e-mail to chat about a conference in July 2015, just because she needed to plan a trip. (She has a trip coming!!! She just doesn’t know it!!!)

The thing is, while the trip was an awesome and uber-romantic gift for Alexis — it was pretty darn amazing for me too. There is nothing like having guests to make you remember all the best parts of your city. Things like how many murals you walk by on a near daily basis. How good that macaroni and cheese at the restaurant around the corner really is (“life-changing” per Julia). How plot-inspiring the people watching is at that brewery. Above and beyond all, it made me remember how important it is to share this crazy journey with friends.

Be sure to check out Alexis’ story about the weekend, and don’t forget that you can sign up in that little macaroni and cheese colored box below to get my blog in your inbox every week!



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