Heavy Metal, Spicy Cauliflower, & Perceptions


There is a new bar in my neighborhood. It was opened by some of the members of the metal band GWAR. From what I understand their shows are equal parts performance art and rock show. GWAR Bar is a reflection of this: lights that are hand painted to look like eyeballs, a “blood” stain on the floor leading from the bar to the kitchen, tables covered in old show flyers and ticket stubs. On a recent visit we sat next to a couple, clad head to toe in black. He had a seriously impressive leather trench (no snark intended, it was really, really nice) and her raven black hair was in a perfect spiky bob. They were precisely the patrons that you probably imagined when I said “heavy metal.” My husband and I, in our fleece jackets, dark denim and Warby Parkers had nothing in common with them, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong (pardon the pun). We all equally loved the plethora of vegetarian options on the menu. We were all equally in awe of the snowstorm that popped up unexpectedly. We all had a desire to connect with others over the shared experience of buffalo cauliflower. Yet another tiny reminder that we all sip our PBR out of a can the same way and no one ever fits a formula.

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