I Guess the Winter Makes You Laugh a Little Slower …


It’s been a little gloomy here in Richmond, Virginia this winter and I’m not going to lie– I’m tired of it. It has snowed twice in two weeks and it seems like sunny days have been nearly non-existent. Earlier this week, walking home from work I was standing on a pile of dirty snow, waiting to cross a major intersection, staring across the street at more grey piles watching mud streaked cars pass and felt myself sigh. It wasn’t even intentional, more like an automatic response.

I love my little city. Really, I do. I write its neighborhood restaurants and locally brewed beers into my books. I love the street art. The galleries, the coffee shops. The music. The theatre scene. The river. I could go on and on, really I could — tell me you’re planning a visit to Richmond and I’ll overwhelm you with recommendations.

But sometimes you just need a little break, you know? A little absence to remind you why you’re so fond of this gritty place you call home. Which is why, after that involuntary sigh a few days ago, I was grateful to be able to remind myself that within a week I would be visiting with close friends in Birmingham, England on the beginning of a trip through Paris and Brussels. An adventure that I am so thrilled to be able to take, for many reasons, not the least of which is that I know it will give me the perspective to see my city with fresh eyes when I return.

Want to follow along on my European adventure? I’m going to do my best to keep Instagram updated. Find me there @marychris_e

And just in case this has been stuck in your head since reading the post title:

Psst...Over Here!

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