All the Singel Ladies

Nope, that’s not a typo. I’m referring to the beer from one of my local breweries, the Hardywood Singel. Which I snuck into the theatre when I went to see Trainwreck last week. And when I say snuck, I mean purchased it at the bar in the theatre and then took it in to the show, not smuggled it in via my large purse.

Let me explain, this particular theatre has always had a bar in the lobby, but  you have to consume your beverage in the bar area. Last Thursday, however, my husband and I watched another couple walk into the theatre with their drinks and no one stopped them. So we did the same. Walked right out of the roped-off bar area, across the lobby and down the hall into the theatre. No one stopped us. No one questioned what we were doing.

Now, I realize that the rules just could have changed since last time I was at the movies (it’s been a while), but I prefer to think of it as a getting away with a little beer sneaky-ness. It’s so much more fun that way.

Of course nothing can top Beyonce, but this is a super fun re-make of Single Ladies:

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