To the Gentleman at the Brewery


Dear Sir,

You had a lot to drink last Saturday evening. So did your friends. I know this because, while my husband and I enjoyed our flight of delicious IPAs, one of you spilled a beer. It wasn’t the spilling in and of itself that gave you away, it was the fact that your cell phone sat right there on the table in a puddle of beer for far, far longer than I imagine you realized. (So if it hasn’t been working quite right, well there you go).

I also noticed that you were particularly fond of this one lady at your table. The one on crutches. The one you opened the door for every time she needed to move from the patio into the building. The one to whom you responded enthusiastically and passionately to everything she said. Which was the likely the beer talking, but I digress …

She was also the one you called a car for, then helped her safely navigate her way to it (she was pretty wobbly on those crutches by then). It was super thoughtful of you to make sure she got home safely. I hope she remembers. But I’ll be honest, I think that other guy you were with was pretty into her too.

For what it’s worth, I’m rooting for you, but if she picks him–don’t lose faith. Instead know that you’re going about this the right way. Stay kind, my friend. You won’t regret it.

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