Put on Your Happy Sweater

Last week, I got in an elevator with a student wearing a fabulous sweater. It was black and gray with a giant white smiley face in the middle. Obviously it was the giant knit happy face that drew my eye, but the sweater itself was cozy and soft looking. We had quite a bit of snow here last week, and this was our first day back at the university after two days of cancelled classes and a late opening.

“I really love your sweater,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said, then added “It’s my go to when I’m not feeling so happy or excited about something.”

And then I loved the sweater even more.

Because we need those things in life that make us feel good on the days when it all feels like a little too much. When we’re nervous or tired or hurt. It’s not that the sweater was going to magically make everything roses and sunshine for her, but I like to think that it was going to remind her of some little thing that was right and good. Which isn’t a bad place to start …

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  1. marychrisescobar

    Aw… the Scottie sweater sounds like the perfect comfort sweater! And that gingerbread man one is hilarious! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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