An Open Letter To My Aching Leg

Dear Tenacious Little Running Injury,

Is is okay if I call you TLRI for short? No, you prefer Tenacious I, like Tenacious D – but with an I. Fine. Now, comedy music duo names aside, I’m writing to let you know that you’ve made your point loud and clear and I’m going to need you to leave.

I’ve learned two things about myself since you showed up:

  • Somewhere in the last few years I became that person who shrugs and says, “It doesn’t hurt THAT bad. I’ll just go ahead and run the 10K this weekend anyway.”
  • In that same time span, I’ve also become a person who misses running. Who feels sad about missing the 10 mile training run with her husband last Saturday and a little pang of I wish that was me when a jogger passes her on the walk to work.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want the be that first person. I realize that I need to listen more closely to my body and not run six miles (or perhaps any miles), when I have a sore spot in my leg that hasn’t gone away for a week. I promise I’ll remember that it isn’t about pushing myself to finish that one race, it’s about keeping myself healthy so I can run many, many more races.

Which brings me to the point that I DO want to be that second person, the one to whom running is important. I’m grateful that I’ve found something active that I enjoy, that I can share with my partner. Not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure it helps keep me keep things in perspective and makes me happier. I know it makes me healthier.

I’ve learned my lesson, Tenacious I, and yet you continue to linger. So, I’m taking you to the doctor next week. That’s right. And not just any doctor– the specialist one. The one who knows all about you. I’m going to follow her instructions. And you’re going to go away. Understood?

I thought so.


Mary Chris


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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Aching Leg”

  1. Bonnie Oswald

    Hope you’re feeling better….. I am certainly enjoying Paris Apartment……
    Do what Doc tells U to do!

    1. marychrisescobar

      Thanks, Bonnie! It’s definitely a better, just still not back in shape for running. I’m looking forward to seeing what the doctor has to say on Tuesday, and will try my best to be a good patient.

      So glad you enjoyed A PARIS APARTMENT!

  2. Oh, Mary Chris. How timely your post is… I thought I was listening to my body yesterday during my run, but I wasn’t listening to my head that said, “This might be too much…” I went to bed before my girls with a massive headache from neck pain (surely caused from poor running form in the last mile or two… but who’s counting?).

    I hope you find answers and speedy relief. We are dealing with that with my 12 year old’s back. She does not want to take time off from dance, but I think she may have to in order to avoid a big injury that lasts a lifetime. Regardless, it’s not easy. Kudos to you for no longer being that person. 😉

    Hang in there.

    1. marychrisescobar

      Hi Aly! It’s strange right, in some areas of my life I really want to nurture that drive to push myself, like the part of me that needs to sit down and writing that hard scene I’ve been putting off– but with this running thing I think I really have to try to turn it off. It’s so easy to just rationalize that it doesn’t hurt “that” bad or it’s just a “normal” ache/pain. I’m trying hard not the be that person… 😉

      I hope that you all find some answers soon for your daughter as well, that’s no fun at all! As hard as it would be to take some time off if she needs to, hopefully she’ll be able to understand that it might be the key to continuing with dance for many, many years.

      Thanks so much for the well-wishes and hope your headache/neck pain is all better now! Maybe we can go for a nice, gentle, kind-to-ourselves run in ABQ together this fall!

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