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Just a few little notes about what’s on my playlist, my nightstand, and my stove these days.

On my playlist: It came up in a conversation at work recently that I participated in competitive public speaking in high school (and no, I have zero memory of how we got on that subject). Anyway, immediately my colleague mentioned this podcast from Radio Lab about debate that she had listened to recently. It’s a really fascinating piece. I especially like the ending, which captures a certain truth about life and its big events and just how consequential… or not, they sometimes feel. 

elizabeth-gilbert-big-magic1On my nightstand: Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MAGIC has been on my nightstand for a really, really long time. I’m working my way through it slowly. Not because it’s bad or hard to read, quite the opposite– it’s really wonderful and there’s lots of pausing to really drink it all in. It’s also quite possible that this passage might have saved my writing career:

“I held on to those other sources of income for so long because I never wanted to burden my writing with the responsibility of paying for my life. I knew better than to ask this of my writing…”

I struggled a lot last year with trying to figure out how to make my writing pay the bills. It was in many ways the big ugly culmination of a years-long struggle to “make sense” of having a whole other career outside of writing, and whether that was the “right” thing. I found a lot of freedom in Gilbert’s thoughts on this– the idea that having two careers is exactly what makes it all work for me.

On my stove: I made oatmeal cookies to take to a party last Friday. (It was the best sort of laid back, tables full-of-food, genuinely lovely, full of laughter type party, by the way.) It’s no secret that I love fancy cooking blogs and pretty cookbooks. But I was reminded late last Thursday night, that sometimes just turning the oatmeal container around and following the recipe on the back is all it takes. That and perhaps a small addition of chocolate chips and hazelnuts.

So, what’s going on in your world right now? What are you loving?

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6 thoughts on “What’s On …”

  1. Bonnie Oswald

    Mary Chris, I just finished “Kindred” by Steve Robinson….. Really Great book!
    A Genealogical Mystery, added his other four books TBR…. My list just grows longer!! Glad you’re on the mend

    1. marychrisescobar

      Hi Bonnie! I wasn’t familiar with Steve Robinson. Kindred sounds like it’s full of suspense– the sort of book I shouldn’t pick up before bed because I might stay up way too long reading! And yes, thankfully, I’m on the mend– doing just as the doctor ordered (even bought a foam roller to use at home, so I’d have no excuse for skipping those exercises).

        1. marychrisescobar

          I haven’t– but I have heard wonderful things about it. I saw Kathleen Grissom speak at a local writer’s workshop last year, and really enjoyed learning about her writing process. She put a lot of heart into that book, I know. So glad you enjoyed it!

          1. Bonnie Oswald

            Read 2nd book “Glory” today, I hope she’s already writing book 3, as there were at least 3 sub-plots to take off …..
            Great books!

          2. marychrisescobar

            Hopefully! And hopefully it will pick-up one of those subplots. Sounds like you’re having a great reading week! 🙂

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